Compass Datacenters kicks out retail colocation customers - Montreal Server Colocation
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Compass Datacenters kicks out retail colocation customers

Around two weeks ago, Compass Datacenters (FKA. Root Data Center) has sent a letter to its retail colocation customers in Montreal.

The company is giving its retail clients in its 2 Montreal data centers until March 2021 to find another data center for their IT. From small half-cab clients to 10+ rack clients, all of them have to leave.

The company seems to want to focus on its larger hyperscale clients. After all, that’s what makes Compass’ DNA.

We find the delay to be quite short, as when you consider the new year’s downtime, it only gives customers 3 months to find a new site, establish a transition contract with all their carriers and migrate the hardware with as little downtime as possible.

On the positive side, many of those clients will finally have an opportunity to find a more robust and secure data center for their IT for less money.

As much as this creates havoc for many customers, we think this will be a net-positive thing for the retail colocation market in Montreal.