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Spotlight: Hive Data Center – the new retail colocation provider in Montreal

This post was sponsored by Hive Data Center Inc.

In the last few years, the retail portion of the data center colocation market has been let down by providers. Bigger and bigger data centers were built, and their sole focus was on wholesale and hyperscale demand.

Even if Cloud solutions are attractive to certain companies, the high & unpredictable costs, limited control on performance and complex architectures make them unattractive to many.

1U Server Colocation
1U Server Colocation – Image provided by Hive Data Center

Hive Data Center, a Montreal-based company, has the mission to help 1-100 employee companies in need of small to mid size server colocation deployments.

Our clients do business in all sectors; ISPs, web hosting companies, IT security, IT management, and even your everyday mom & pop shops.

Especially since COVID-19, companies need more bandwidth, more uptime, and more security. Hive offers just that to its clients, so they can keep running while leveraging their existing IT hardware without having to maintain their legacy server room.

Émile Ménard, Chief Business Development Officer

The company serves any client starting from a single 1U server, and even supports tower PCs and small NAS appliances.

By working with well established hyperscale colocation providers and building a large scale infrastructure, Hive is able to bring the best security practices and redundant power infrastructure to the average SMB.

The two most popular use-cases we see are companies moving all their IT production from their offices to the data center, while others simply leverage the data center’s affordable connectivity to have their own Cloud backup, in case a disaster occurs at their main data center.

These days, business continuity is not an expense but an investment.

Émile Ménard, Chief Business Development Officer

Hive also offers rack & stack services in any data center in Montreal, allowing customers to simply ship their gear at their desired location while Hive’s staff installs and connects everything in a clean and maintainable manner.

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