Cologix increases cross-connect prices - Montreal Server Colocation

Cologix increases cross-connect prices

Once again, Cologix has raised its cross-connect prices.

In an email sent to clients today we could read the following:

Cologix’s monthly list rates for cross connects have increased to $370 for fiber and $290 for copper. In conjunction with this rate increase, your fiber and copper cross connects not under contract term will receive a price increase to align with these rates on November 1, 2020.

We don’t really know what to think about this. On one side, Cologix might be really confident that their offering is that much better than the competition, but on the other, more and more data centers in Montreal are getting major networks meaning fewer and fewer companies need to be downtown.

Cologix MTL 3 1250RL
Montreal’s main carrier hotel, 1250RL

Yes, Cologix’s main competitor in Canada, Equinix, won’t have cheaper fees, we can’t imagine how frustrating this change may be for existing clients.

Our two cents: Major Tier 1 networks & QIX are now available in affordable hyperscale data centers. Unless you are a major content provider or ISP in need of niche providers, why go downtown?