QIX announces a new data center POP - Montreal Server Colocation
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QIX announces a new data center POP

The Quebec Internet Exchange has just announced that they will be adding a new data center POP to their network. This new POP at 2800 Trans-Canada route is a massive addition to the peering ecosystem in Montreal that was previously limited to a very small selection of data centers in downtown.

2020-08-25 – QIX will be expanding to Hypertec YUL01B before the end of Q4 2020! The exchange will also be available from the existing YUL01A building and the future YUL01C building.

This new POP is the first Hyperscale data center in Montreal to bring QIX in. Until today, customers that wanted to have a complete network with peering had to pay expensive carrier hotels in order to reach the IX.

2800TC already has a large selection of carriers, but this new addition brings the connectivity possibilities at a whole new level, including direct peering with large networks like Google, Microsoft, Akamai, Amazon, Cloudflare, and even transit over IX with Hurricane Electric.

Although Hypertec has been known for serving hyperscale tenants, since late 2019 a new focus was given to the retail demand. More and more small and medium-sized networks have been deploying their infrastructure at this data center campus, making it a really interesting data center POP with a variety of enterprises at a single address. To this day, no other data center in Montreal has a range of clients going from 1U to multi-megawatt private suites like 2800TC has.

Peering in Montreal will become incredibly affordable as Hypertec is known to have reasonably priced cross-connects and rock-solid colocation.

QIX hasn’t given a precise date on when networks will be able to start peering at this location, but we can expect it by the end of the year.

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