Hypertec launches a new retail colocation pod - Montreal Server Colocation

Hypertec launches a new retail colocation pod

Altough the Montreal colocation market has been quiet in the last few months, Hypertec have visibly kept their pace going in the retail and wholesale markets. As their YUL01-A building has been filled up to the last few available KWs, the company has just put a new retail pod online in its second building, YUL01-B.

This new pod is the 10th pod of their campus at 2800 Trans-Canada route, and has a critical capacity of 2 megawatts.

hypertec dcs

As we had the chance to tour this new pod, we are confident in saying that it’s by far one of our favorite colocation pods for retail customers in the city.

We counted 8 layers of security, which is unsurpassed in Montreal. From the massive truck stop gate to the dedicated man-trap for the pod, Hypertec has really gone further than others in regards to physical security.

Clients can get standard cabinets up to 10KW within 24hrs and up to 40KW per rack on custom requests. We like the approach that they used for delivering power and cross-connects from diverse locations within the pod. The room has 2 demarcation points for fiber that can reach 4 independent MMRs and each cabinet row has 2 RPPs for A+B power delivery to each 44U cabinet.

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