Beanfield Metroconnect takes over Aptum Fiber services
beanfield metroconnect

Beanfield Metroconnect takes over Aptum’s fiber services

In a letter sent to clients this morning, Susan Bowen, President and CEO of Aptum Technologies announced that a transaction with Beanfield Metroconnect was done.

Dear Customer,

Following a decision by Aptum Technologies to exit the WAN fibre business, we wish to announce that on May 1 a transaction was completed with Beanfield Metroconnect whereby beginning at midnight May 1, Aptum Technologies (Fibre) Inc., representing Aptum Technologies’ fibre business, became owned by and part of the Beanfield Metroconnect group of companies.

This letter provides you with notice that your services will be delivered by Beanfield Metroconnect from today but will be otherwise unchanged. Your existing contractual terms of service remain unaffected by this transaction.

Susan Bowen

This move was obvious as both companies have been under the same parent company for a while. We see that Digital Colony wants to separate data center and network activities, which is probably a good thing.

We also heard rumors that Beanfield bough multiple trucks in Montreal. With the acquisition of Openface a few months ago, we can see that they are aiming to take over Montreal’s business fiber market.