How colocation data centers enable remote work
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How colocation data centers enable remote work

Remote work is now a reality for all businesses. Either for reps working on the go or for contingency plans like the world is currently experiencing, having your IT infrastructure ready for remote work is important.

That said, deploying an infrastructure that is cost-effective while users are at the office and performant when users are working remotely, can be challenging. Here is how Cloud and colocation data center solutions can help you deploy the perfect remote work solution.

A safe location for your IT

eStruxture MTL 2 Data Center
eStruxture MTL 2 Data Center

When your office is empty or inaccessible, having your IT equipment hosted in a secure and redundant data center is worth gold. Your staff doesn’t have to monitor the server room access, power, and cooling.

Hosting your servers in a colocation facility allows your IT team to stay home and be sure the hardware that runs your company is in good hands. Even in the event of a massive power failure, data centers are equipped with backup power solutions to operate 24/7/365.

Cheap bandwidth

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Remote work can take a huge amount of bandwidth. Since your users are outside of the office, all the data they are using has to go through your internet pipes. VPNs, remote desktops, increased web traffic, all of these factors can increase your internet usage.

Data centers are the heart of the internet. Internet access within a data center is cheap, scalable and redundant. The day you need to scale up your bandwidth, a colocated data center will allow you to spin up as many internet transits as you need. 1, 10 100 Gbps? Go right ahead!

Access to the Cloud

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The Cloud lives within data centers, just like yours. Although the Cloud is far from being the perfect solution for all your IT when the time comes to scale up your servers and virtual desktops, having a direct connection to the Cloud allows you to scale easily.

Need 50 more virtual desktop instances? Just spin them up in a matter of seconds and connect them to your existing network via your Cloud on-ramp.

MontrealColo can help you deploy a highly connected data center to help you work remotely. Contact-us.