Data centers classified as an essential service
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Data centers classified as an essential service by Quebec Government

During today’s press conference, the Quebec government has announced that all non-essential stores and services must be closed until April 13th. This special measure has for goal to reduce COVID-19 spread.

As you may have quickly realized this will have a great effect on many businesses. Fortunately, telecommunication and data center companies have been classified in the “essential services” list.

This means that data center providers will still be able to operate normally. Although data centers recieve this privelege, as the modern world could not function without data centers, safety measures are still important.

If you are a colocation data center client:
– Use remote hands services as much as possible (in an effort to reduce human interaction and transportation)
– Disinfect your tools or any shared items in the data center that you happen to use
– Troubleshoot problems remotely as much as possible
– Reschedule unnecessary upgrades and interventions to a better time

Most data center providers are being quite understanding of the situation by offering free or low-cost remote hands services while others are offering interesting installation discounts.

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