Industry Key Players: Maxime Guévin
maxime guévin vantage data centers

Industry Key Players: Maxime Guévin

For the third publication in our Industry Key Players series, we are putting the spotlight on Maxime Guévin, VP and General manager of Vantage Data Centers Canada.

Maxime’s first steps


From 1993 to 1997 Maxime studied at UQTR in a bachelor of electrical engineering with a specialization in telecoms.

Although the telecom industry has immensely changed in the late ’90s and early 2000s, we can assume this is what brought Maxime in the industry.


Guévin’s first steps in the telecommunications industry were done in 1997 when he joined Télébec, a subsidiary of Bell Canada, as a project manager.

Anyone that has worked in the telecom industry knows how project management can be intense and filled with unexpected events.

SR Télécom

Later in 1998, Maxime moved to SR Télécom as a field engineer until the year 2000.

Although SR Télécom is no more today, the company was a broadband systems provider working with wireless technologies.

Climbing the Vidéotron ladder

From 2000 to 2019, Maxime climbed the ladder within Vidéotron, a major telecom company in Quebec. From network design consultant to executive account manager and finally general manager, we have no doubt that during his 19 years in the company he has seen a lot.

Vantage montreal data center

During his time at Vidéotron, the company acquired 4Degrés, a data center company that was known to have built an amazing and innovative design. Following that acquisition, Maxime held the roles of manager for the wholesale carrier and data center services of Vidéotron.

The Vantage Data centers acquisition

In late 2018, Vantage Data Centers has announced the acquisition of Videotron’s 4Degrés data centers. Although their data center design was amazing, due to the fact that the colocation services were attached to an ISP, sales weren’t that amazing.

Following the transaction, in early 2019 Maxime moved to Vantage DC as General Manager and VP of the Canadian division that manages the Montreal and Quebec city sites.

With this acquisition, Vantage entierly filled the two sites and even had to expand their capacity.

Since then, we can confidently say that Maxime has established himself as a massive name in the Montreal colocation market. He has done a few public appearances including at DI Montreal in November 2019. Maxime was also featured in a Data Center Hawk interview, go have a look here.

Overall, Maxime Guévin has an amazing mix of technical and management knowledge in addition to a great PR touch.

We hope Maxime and his team will push the company to keep expanding in the Montreal market with 4Degrés’ outstanding design and quality.

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