What to request from your colocation provider
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What to request from your colocation provider

Want to improve your colocation deployment? Consider asking the following to your colocation provider for your next racks.

Quality PDUs

Server rack PDU

PDU’s come in all kinds of sorts and flavors. You can get basic PDUs, monitored PDUs, and even switched PDUs.

Some providers simply don’t install PDUs for clients, but most of them do. Those who do will give you the option to either include them in your rental, others will offer to sell them to you with their wholesale pricing. Just ask!

Most colocation clients only need a power strip to deliver power to their servers, and that’s fine. But what if you want to figure out what server is drawing all of your power? Monitored “by the outlet” PDUs will allow you to do just that.

At the top of the line, you may also find switched PDUs that will let you cut the power to a server in case you need to hard-reboot it. This can save you expensive remote hands work.

Proper patch panels

fiber patch panel

You have multiple cross-connects? Having fiber optic cables just hanging from the top of your rack is really not a good way to do things. Asking your provider to terminate your cross-connects into a patch panel will result in a much cleaner rack.

To be fair, if your provider is going to charge you $100-350/mo just to use a cable, it better be done well.

The list of network providers you can reach

Every colocation deployment needs some kind of connectivity. But how can you know what providers to reach out to if you don’t know who are the network providers that are on-site?

Some colocation providers stick to their “network neutral” policy, but in our books, there is no problem giving to clients the full list of network providers. It is only for the best of everyone to do so.

Premium rack locks

Server rack lock

Most colocation providers offer racks with a basic code or key lock. That’s fine for most clients, but what if you need more?

How about knowing what rack was accessed by who and when?

Ask your colocation provider to install an intelligent lock. They are available for most rack types and can provide much more than a standard lock. Some can be unlocked with your data center HID badge, others with a fingerprint scan. A better lock can improve your security and make your operations easier.

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