Montreal rated as the most sustainable city for data centers globally
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Montreal rated as the most sustainable city for data centers globally

Cushman & Wakefield has recently published its global data center market comparison. Although Montreal isn’t in the top markets as we would have scored it, the city has received a fair share of attention.

The study evaluated over 1,100 data centers globally over 38 unique markets. Here is where Montreal shined.

Most sustainable city

most sustainable cities for data centers

As we often blog about, Montreal has green and renewable power and a perfect climate for data centers.

These factors have awarded Montreal the first place in the top 5 of the most sustainable cities for a data center.

Sustainability can arise from simply using those energy sources in abundance near each market. Hydropoer is a natural chocie in areas with large amounts of precipitation […]

Cushman & Wakefield Global Data Center Market Comparaison (1/17/2020)

Top six in political stability

Montreal was also included in the top 6 locations for political stability, right next to Toronto.

This is an important factor for Fortune 1000 companies that need the utmost stability for their IT infrastructure to ensure operational smoothness.

Markets were reviewed for political stability utilizing the World Bank’s methodology for voice and accountability, political stability and the absence of terrorism, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law and control of corruption.

Cushman & Wakefield Global Data Center Market Comparaison (1/17/2020)

The cheapest power in North America

Of course, Montreal won the title for the top location for power cost. With costs under C$0.04/Kwh, Montreal not only provides year-long green and renewable power but cheap power as well.

Overall, we are quite proud that Montreal had scored so well in this report. We remain confident that the city will be the next major data center hub and will join the top 10 overall markets within the next few years.

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