Industry Key Players: Steve Perez
Steve perez hypertec

Industry Key Players: Steve Perez

Welcome to the first edition of our Industry Key Players series where we put the spotlight on a person of importance in the Montreal data center or telecommunications industry. Today, we present to you Steve Perez, SVP of Sales at Hypertec Group.

Where did Steve Perez start?

In his early days, Perez started as a marketing and finance consultant for e-commerce at CGI, Quebec’s largest IT consultation firm.

A year later, Perez migrated to Bell where he slowly but surely climbed the corporate ladder. Starting in the VO-IP solutions and then moving to ITC solutions and eventually becoming director of sales for the finance and retail departments, we can confidently say that Perez has seen a lot at Bell and has acquired a lot of experience with client accounts of all sizes.

Perez’s migration to Hypertec

In early 2016, six years after Bell acquired Hypertec’s data center located at 9300 Trans-Canada, Perez joined the Hyertec team as vice president of sales. His heavy background and experience have clearly served him well to join the company in such an important role.

Among the company’s multiple services, Perez has a clear focus on the company’s data center and hardware services.

At this new position, Perez now manages major client accounts for the group. Ranging from the top 3 Cloud providers to government entities and gaming companies, Perez is by no means a rookie in the IT industry.

From our experience, Steve is one of the most respected, qualified and talented salesmen in Montreal’s data center industry. Since his arrival in the company, Hypertec has been constantly expanding its data center services with top-quality facilities and a unique pricing approach.

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