What not to do as a colocation client
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What not to do as a colocation client

First time installing your gear in a colocation facility? Here are the things you want to avoid doing.

Not cleaning up

Colocation data centers are a bit like colocating an apartment. No one likes it when the other leaves their stuff laying around. Unless it’s 2 AM and no one is around, make sure your gear and packing material is not in the way of another client’s path.

When you are done with a ladder or a KVM console, put it back at its place.

Not installing blanking panels

If the data hall where your rack is located has a hot/cold aisle system, you should fill gaps in your rack. Some providers will give you the blanking panels, others won’t. These panels are important to make sure the hot/old air don’t mix for maximum cooling efficiency.

Taking pictures without consent

We know, IT gear looks super cool, and you want to share it with your friends. Unfortunately, most colocation facilities prohibit customers from taking pictures. In practice, it’s pretty rare that your provider will say anything about taking pictures of your own gear but don’t start going into paparazzi mode or you might get yourself into trouble.

Tampering with gear

The rule is simple. If it’s not yours don’t touch it.

Bringing visitors without prior notice

Most, if not all data centers, keep very tight logs of who enters and exit the data center. If you need to bring a colleague, client or consultant in the data center, let your colocation provider know in advance. Typically, providers ask for a 1-24h heads up delay and require the visitor to bring a government-issued ID.

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