RackNerd deploys a new data center in Montreal
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RackNerd deploys a new data center in Montreal

Last week, IAAS company, RackNerd, has announced a new data center in Montreal.

RackNerd offers virtual servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and colocation services.

“Located in the heart of Montreal, our newest data center enables us to rapidly deploy infrastructure with a great amount of flexibility for our customers. Ever-ready staffing, high bandwidth availability, hydro-electric power, and low-latency routes to North America and Europe are just a few ways our clients will be able to immediately benefit from our Canada facility.”

Dustin B. Cisneros, CEO of RackNerd.

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This is great news for the market in many ways. To this day, very few dedicated server providers offered services in Montreal. To this day, clients only had 3-4 options for dedicated servers, some being of bad quality or simply resold from other providers.

Dedicated servers are a good option for SMBs that need stability in their operation costs, but are not at the scale of needing a private cabinet in a colocation data center or for a backup server in a remote location.

From our research, we have been able to find out that RackNerd’s Montreal data center will be located in a colocation data center in the west island of Montreal where they will collaborate with another provider of their kind.

To learn more about this news, read RackNerd’s blog post.

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