Quebec data centers can help reduce your carbon footprint
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How Montreal data centers can help you reduce your carbon footprint

Yesterday, Hydro Quebec has published a video where important names in the data center industry present how your organization can reduce its carbon footprint by operating your IT infrastructure with Quebec’s green and renewable power.

Have a look here:

The video features Maxime Guévin, VP and GM at Vantage Data Centers Canada, Steve Perez, VP of Sales at Hypertec, Todd Coleman, President and CEO of eStruxture Data Centers, Virginie Simoneau, VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships for Cologix and Thomas Traugott, SVP of EdgeCore Internet Real Estate.

The production really puts a great highlight on many important factors that make the Quebec data center market so great. Here are our favorite quotes from the video.

There are only so many places on the planet that have a unique combination of low-cost power, low-cost land.

– Thomas Traugott

When you look at the type of power that’s generated in Virginia, it’s mostly coal-based, natural gas. It’s really not as clean and as efficient as the hydroelectricity that’s generated here in the province of Québec.

– Steve Perez

“Operating in Montréal, we can get upwards of eight to nine months of what we call free cooling.

– Todd Coleman

Overall, this video is a great intro about what makes the Montreal data center market so great from all aspects, would it be from a financial, technical or environmental perspective.

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