What should you be paying for your colocation data center?
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What should you be paying for your data center colocation?

The Montreal Colocation market is growing, and so are your needs. Are you paying the right price for your colocation services?

Rack fees

What should you pay for rack space? Some data centers have a one-time install fee depending on the size and number of racks, others have recurring fees.

As much as we despise paying for rack size, they are a thing so we have to deal with it. From our experience, half cabs (20U) are priced from $250 to $400 per month. For full cabs (42U), the average price is $500 per month. (But that’s without power)

Power rate

This is the big one. How much do you pay for your power? You can find cheap N+1 power and quality 2N power. Depending on your needs N+1 may get the job done, but if you really need maximum uptime, 2N is the way to go.

From our research, we have found prices from $250/KW/Month to $450/KW/Month. Depending on the location of the facility, prices will change a lot. In our opinion, if you are paying over $375/KW/Month, odds are you are paying too much unless the data center has a really special location or added value.


Cross-connects… probably the thing everyone hates paying. But hey, its part of the business, and you need connectivity. Young and smart colocation providers will charge a setup fee (usually $500), and a very basic monthly fee ($0-75/month). However, that does not represent the market.

For copper cross-connects, you should pay from $50 to $100 per month, not more. For single-mode fiber cross-connects, $75 to $150/month is reasonable. There are some providers that charge obscene prices (upwards of 325$/Month). For different reasons but we consider that you should never do business with such providers unless you are forced to.

How much are you paying for your colocation services? Let us know, we might be able to find you a better provider !

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