Move your IT closet to a colocation data center

Move your office server closet to a colocation data center

Your company has it’s IT production on-premise? Move it to a data center as soon as possible!

Why move your IT closet to a colocation data center?

It’s safer

Colocation facilities are built to make your IT gear and data safe. Every good colocation facility has 24/7 security guards, multi-level authentication and much more. That’s way better than the single key most businesses use to access their server room.

Cheaper connectivity

Colocation facilities are the cheapest place to get connectivity. In Montreal, to get a 1Gb/s fiber link to your office will cost anywhere from $900 to $2000/month. That’s expensive!

In a colocation facility, the same bandwidth will cost you $300 to $700/month before cross-connect fees ($100-300/month).

Depending on your infrastructure, you might need to connect your office to the data center via a VPN, MPLS network or even a wavelength, but in many cases the pros of having your infrastructure in a proper data center will outweigh the costs of that point to point link.

It’s more reliable

Colocation facilities are built to host IT equipment. They have redundant power and cooling, and are fault-tolerant, meaning that operations are not affected following a power or equipment failure. Unlike your server closet that might not even have a basic UPS, you are sure your gear will stay online in a colocation data center.

It makes your workplace better

Who likes having noisy machines in their office? Put that gear in a place where machines can make as much noize as they want (ie; a data center).

It’s cost-effective

You need to replace your cooling unit soon? Calculate the parts and labor costs. You will quickly find out that it’s cheaper to run your IT infrastructure in colocation (in addition to the peace of mind).

Ready to move your infrastructure in a colocation facility? You are at the right place !

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