Should you get a rack or a cage for your data center?

Should you get a rack or a cage for your data center?

Montreal’s data center colocation providers are quite good in terms of what they can offer you. From a single U to a private suite, there are plenty of options out there. But what to choose?

Why would you get a cage for your data center?

Added security

Having your own cage will ensure only authorized persons can get close to your gear. As you know, colocation facilities are safe, but many people still have access to the data hall where is located your equipment.

Free cross-connects

Having your own cage allows you to do as many cross-connects between your racks within your cage. Good providers won’t charge for cross-connects if your racks are next to each other, but some do. If that’s the case, and you need to run multiple cables between your racks, calculate the cost. It might be cheaper to get a cage.

Storage space

Data halls are not the place to store stuff, especially as you are typically not allowed to store cardboard in data halls, but it can be practical to have a tool shelf, space server parts or even a foldable chair if you have a large infrastructure to maintain.


Some colocation providers don’t offer per rack colocation or just have bad pricing. By having a cage, if your contract allows you to do so, you may rent racks within your cage to other companies with smaller needs and bring added value with a connection to your network.

Our recommendations

For small data center deployments

For small deployments, in most cases, there are no cases for this. We have seen cages for 2-4 racks, but unless you have a specific need for it, it’s probably not worth it.

If your needs are smaller than a single cabinet, consider per U colocation.

For large data center deployments

If you have a solid business plan and sure that you’ll have a precise need in terms of power and rack space, a cage is probably worth it. Depending on your colocation provider and your contract length, you might not even pay an extra fee for it.

On the other hand, if you have a business model that scales as you go, it might be hard to afford the cost of a private cage. You have to admit that having the flexibility to add a rack only when you need it is really practical.

Tell us more about your data center colocation needs ! We are here to help.

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