Per U colocation is the perfect hosting solution for SMBs
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Per U colocation is the next step for your small business

We see many small businesses host their IT equipment in their offices. This is a very affordable solution on a small scale but calls for issues and downtime. Consider shared or “Per U” colocation in Montreal.

What is Per U colocation?

Shared colocation is the service that allows your business to only rent the needed space in a data center. Typically, pricing is done on a “per U” basis. Depending on the number of rack units (U) that you need, you will only pay for what your use.

How shared colocation will improve your IT infrastructure

Better security

Data centers are built to host expensive equipment and sensitive data. Any good colocation facility will have 24/7 security staff and cameras. Dual authentication is also a very welcome thing. Typically, the most basic data center will have better security than your server closet.

Better uptime

Colocation facilities have redundant power, cooling, and multiple fiber paths. What this means for your servers is that no matter the power outage or cooling failure, your business will keep running.

Better connectivity

Bandwidth in colocation facilities is much cheaper and faster. By using a shared colocation service, you will have access to more network options at a better price. Most shared colocation providers will offer basic network access to go with your server, but you may request to be connected to the ISP of your choice.

Our recommendations

Overall, per U colocation will allow your SMB to benefit from the quality of hosting that Fortune 500 companies use, without needing to deploy a massive data center.

There are not so many shared colo providers in Montreal. Let us help you find the right one !

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