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How you can customise your colocation cage

So you have decided that you want to deploy your colocation racks within a private cage. What options do you have to have it built exactly how you want it?

Cage type

Cages can be highly customizable. You can choose the hight of the walls (some go up to the building’s roof), the density of the bars (to prevent people from crossing USB devices through the cage) and even add a roof.

We have seen multiple types of cages, most providers are able to deliver them exactly how you want it.

Lock type

All cages come with a secured entrance, but it’s up to you how you want it. You can get a simple padlock, a biometric scan, a pin code, and even a mantrap. Depending on your needs and certifications you may manage the access yourself, or let your provider do so.

Privacy screens

If you want to prevent other colocation tenants from seeing inside your cage, you might want privacy screens. This might not be possible depending on the cooling technology used by your provider, but ask if it’s possible.

Rack management

You may decide to bring your own racks or have your provider get them for you. If you know what you are doing, we would advise getting them yourself, as you have full control on the rack specs.

Storage space

Having a cage also gives you the possibility to have extra space for storage. Having spare parts and tools is really practical when you have a large infrastructure to maintain. If your cage size allows doing so, consider getting a locked storage cabinet to store your gear.

Looking into getting a colocation cage? Let us know !

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